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Riz Ahmed - Once Kings

Comprising of footage from the feature film Mogul Mowgli.

Artist - Riz Ahmed

Director - Myriam Raja

Opening Montage - Grierson Awards 2023

Opening Montage - Grierson Awards 2021

Opening Montage - Grierson Awards 2022

Unlocked: On These Streets We Shine

A spoken word celebration focusing on the importance of community groups across the country and reflects on the positive impact they have on the individuals who are part of them.

Mashroom Commercials


Editor and VO artist


5x Comic Sketch Commercials for the online rental agency Mashroom. Production company


MIO | 'So What Do We Do Now?'


Recording Artist MIO 4x MUSIC VIDEOS


In 2018 'Fancy a Jam Pictures’ teamed up with ‘The Trash Factory’ to produce a 4 part EP film for up and coming Swedish pop producer MIO. Commissioned by Universal Music Group the 15-minute film tells the story of teenage love and heartbreak.


James Vickery - Spanish Rose

Produced by Brale Media

Artist - James Vickery

Director - Cameron Turnbull

Sammy Porter - Talking Like Friends ft. Liv Dawson

Produced by Kick Line Films and Commissioned by Sony Music

Artist - Sammy Porter

Feature - Liv Dawson

Director - Cameron Turnbull

The Savouritst - Not For Kids


NAHEMI Kodak Commercial - Winner of Best in Category and Overall 2019


Back to School

About Save the Children: Save the Children invests in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future. In the United States and around the world, we give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. By transforming children's lives now, we change the course of their future and ours. 

Hey Are You Okay?

Fancy a Jam Pictures partnered with music production studio Tailored Rhymes to create this awareness campaign for Storm CIC that was launched online during world suicide prevention day.

STORM® Skills Training CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing training for staff in self-harm and suicide prevention

Mannequin - Helen Bamber Foundation

Since 2005, The Helen Bamber Foundation have been dedicated to delivering a compassionate response to survivors of extreme human cruelty; torture, slavery, trafficking and displacement.

HBF is a young charity and were looking to raise awareness with a compassionate film that challenges audience's views of asylum seekers - as victims rather than opportunists.


Commercial for Pearson Publishing


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